Thursday, July 9, 2015

The Dirt on Slum Clearance: Trent Gets the Scoop!

Trent Phloog revisits his old stomping grounds, the newspaper offices of The Manhattan Project, to find old flame Pamela Jointly at the editing helm, and his tenuous background as an investigative reporter put to the test. At issue is a redevelopment plan for Ground Zero that will transform Megatropolis into an unlivable city, something Connie Carlyle, entering the narrative here for the first time, protests! Panels from my work in progress (for more previews, see previous postings on this blog!).

Pammy orders Trent to the front lines of urban warfare.

(Little does Megaton Man realize that the protester is subletting his bachelor pad!)
For more on public planner Edie Heidelberg (who also makes her debut above), click here.


  1. Super heroes concerning themselves with urban planning issues? Hilarious. "Dig up some dirt on slum clearance." That's how the roll at the Manhattan Project.

  2. I think Trent could find massive dirt on the 1 per cent wealth grab and hold on neighborhoods, cities, states, for example in Nebraska, a mega millionaire spent his way to the governor's office. He used his and his Dad's money to get there. Now is cartoonish in his governance. What is cartoonish is how we talk about "heartland values" around here.