Sunday, December 27, 2015

Doomsday Drive: Meet Me in Bayonne!

Rough pencil layouts for the opening sequence to the All-New Megaton Man #4 (publication TBD). Megaton Man returns the trailer he used to move back into his old Megatropolis apartment, in which  he found new roommate and quasi-sidekick Connie Carlyle subletting. The pair grab a convenient cab ride from Alhambra Rasputin, who has been uploading terrorist videos -- but is he responsible for the attacks that brought the Man of Molecules back to New York, or is he just some homegrown nut? And why are the Doom Defiers playing beach volleyball in Bayonne NJ with terror alert levels through the roof?! The answers may lie at the end of Doomsday Drive...

Our lovely and talented model, a die-cast cab I picked up in NYC in 2000, with thumbs for this sequence in the background.
The sequence continues is the previous post.

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