Monday, December 28, 2015

Special Delivery: Meet the Doom Defiers!

Here is a sequence from All-New Megaton Man #4 (pub TBD) that I have been working on, part of which I have posted before. The new pencil roughs frame the pages inked within the past year. Not only is the Devenger's legendary "D" table (from Megaton Man #8, February 1986) transformed, some history of the team and its Bayonne headquarters is revealed, and the current line-up of Doom Defiers is introduced (stage-managing a team book is the greatest narrative challenge I have ever faced)! Will Ms. Megaton Man ever get out of the beach house and join the volleyball practice?! Stay tuned!

(See previous posts on this blog for more previews of the All-New Megaton #1-4.)

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