Saturday, June 27, 2015

Felicia Fondue: A Distended Discourse on Distortia™!

Here is a recent cartoon illustration I completed of Felicia, who appeared without origin or even a last name in Megaton Man #2 (Kitchen Sink Press, February 1985), and has never appeared since. She and Chuck Roast, The Human Meltdown are in the same boat, and after being featured on the cover, to boot! Felicia now has a last name: Fondue, although she's married to Chuck, and writes erotic mysteries under the nom de plume Felice Brulé. She, Chuck and their daughter Genevieve return from France to join the Doom Defiers in the All-New Megaton Man #3 (work in progress, see numerous other posts on this blog for previews). But she also has Megapowers that she's kept hidden--the powers of Distoria™!

Felicia Fondue, aka Felice Brule, in her hitherto secret origin as Distortia™ on the Megatropolis Quartet's Megapower Modifier, for The All-New Megaton Man #3. But unlike certain stretchy male characters, Felicia experiences her new abilities as a crisis of self-image, and she keeps it a shameful secret from Chuck, whom she fears will find her anatomical exaggerations aesthetically displeasing.

The cover to Megaton Man #2, recolored for the 2005 ibooks collection of Megaton Man. In the issue, Felicia was Yarn Man's old girl friend and Chuck's nude figure model. She adopts the old uniform of The See-Thru Girl and is invited to join the group, but is never shown to have any powers. The flashback origin above is retroactively inserted into that elliptical history! (It's called cheating; expect a lot of it in the new Megaton Man narrative!)

Chuck, Felicia, and daughter Genevieve return to Megatropolis to join The Doom Defiers in this pencil rough for The All-New Megaton Man #3 (forthcoming).

Saturday, June 13, 2015

The Bronx Bombers: Play (Sand)Ball!

Excerpts from a sequence from All-New Megaton Man #3, which I am still inking. The remnants of the Megatropolis Quartet and The Devengers decide to merge, forming The Doom Defiers, but some of the local townies take exception to these carpet-baggers, who have come back to Megatropolis at all following the terrorist attacks. (You can see pencils for the complete sequence elsewhere on this blog!)

Friday, June 12, 2015

A Day in the Life: Scenes From Work in Progress!

Scenes from issues #2 and #3 of new Megaton Man material I am working on! All in a day's work. (Actually, the scenes take place months apart--and they are out of order--but it would not be remarkable if they were to occur on the same day in the life of The Man of Molecules!) Which is your favorite? Please comment below.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Light as a Feather! Bad Guy vs. Trent Phloog

Newly inked tier for the All-New Megaton Man #3:

The Purple Perpetrator: Bad Guy!

Some panels from the All-New Megaton Man #3, a work in progress. I have been coloring selected panels from the first three issues for a pitch to a print publisher we'll be making this summer. (See other posts on this blog to piece together the storyline!)

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Live From the Al Franken Decade...It's Megaton Man!

Here is my two-page intro, scripted by Al Franken, for the ibooks collection of Megaton Man issued in 2005, collecting Megaton Man #1-5 from 1984-5, the heart of the Al Franken Decade! (Never before seen on the internet, because few people bought the reprint, let alone would bother to scan this talky strip!!) Pittsburgh Post-Gazette editorial cartoonist Rob Rogers, who hooked me up with Al to illustrate Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them: A Fair and Balanced Look at the Right, kindly contributed a panel reliving that shameful moment!

The Human Meltdown Lives!

This is the digitally recolored cover I did from Megaton Man #2 (February 1985) for the 2005 ibooks collection of Megaton Man #1-5, the imprint of the late Byron Preiss. Unfortunately the reproduction quality of most of the rest of the book was not what I expected, but I am happy withthe covers and a few other pages I colored or recolored. (Ten and thirty years ago already! Yikes!)

Chuck Roast, The Human Meltdown, and Felicia, seen on the right and left in the blue uniforms, figure prominently in the new storyline I am crafting for the All-New Megaton Man #3. Below is a penciled panel (their daughter plays with Simon, son of Megaton Man, and Chuck is greeted by old teammates Yarn Man and Stella Starlight).

See the entire sequence here.

Not Megaton Man, Just Friends: Trent's New Roommate in Color!

Connie Carlyle, Megaton Man's new roommate, is introduced in what I'm currently calling The All-New Megaton Man #3. My plan is to have several issues in the can, to be released either singly or as a graphic novel (to be determined) in 2016 or 2017. Below are some colored selections; to read the entire sequence in line art, click here. More previews of the work in progress than you can shake a stick at throughout this blog!

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Too Many Ms. Megaton Mans Times Too!

Concept sketch for a scene taking place in the Doom Defiers warehouse as Ms. Megaton Man confronts the new mascot of the Megaton Mice, who has adopted the same red, yellow and blue leotards as everybody else! (Projected for issue #6 of the new series -- I have the art nearly complete on the first three issues, much of which can be glimpsed elsewhere on this blog, #4-6 scripted, and #5-6 and beyond mostly plotted. ETA 2016 or 2017, depending on the alignment of the stars and other marketing forces! Stay tuned.)