Saturday, June 27, 2015

Felicia Fondue: A Distended Discourse on Distortia™!

Here is a recent cartoon illustration I completed of Felicia, who appeared without origin or even a last name in Megaton Man #2 (Kitchen Sink Press, February 1985), and has never appeared since. She and Chuck Roast, The Human Meltdown are in the same boat, and after being featured on the cover, to boot! Felicia now has a last name: Fondue, although she's married to Chuck, and writes erotic mysteries under the nom de plume Felice Brulé. She, Chuck and their daughter Genevieve return from France to join the Doom Defiers in the All-New Megaton Man #3 (work in progress, see numerous other posts on this blog for previews). But she also has Megapowers that she's kept hidden--the powers of Distoria™!

Felicia Fondue, aka Felice Brule, in her hitherto secret origin as Distortia™ on the Megatropolis Quartet's Megapower Modifier, for The All-New Megaton Man #3. But unlike certain stretchy male characters, Felicia experiences her new abilities as a crisis of self-image, and she keeps it a shameful secret from Chuck, whom she fears will find her anatomical exaggerations aesthetically displeasing.

The cover to Megaton Man #2, recolored for the 2005 ibooks collection of Megaton Man. In the issue, Felicia was Yarn Man's old girl friend and Chuck's nude figure model. She adopts the old uniform of The See-Thru Girl and is invited to join the group, but is never shown to have any powers. The flashback origin above is retroactively inserted into that elliptical history! (It's called cheating; expect a lot of it in the new Megaton Man narrative!)

Chuck, Felicia, and daughter Genevieve return to Megatropolis to join The Doom Defiers in this pencil rough for The All-New Megaton Man #3 (forthcoming).

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