Saturday, June 13, 2015

The Bronx Bombers: Play (Sand)Ball!

Excerpts from a sequence from All-New Megaton Man #3, which I am still inking. The remnants of the Megatropolis Quartet and The Devengers decide to merge, forming The Doom Defiers, but some of the local townies take exception to these carpet-baggers, who have come back to Megatropolis at all following the terrorist attacks. (You can see pencils for the complete sequence elsewhere on this blog!)


  1. Superior work, again. I purchased the Megaton Man comics years ago when I was a big comic reader and collector. Then I got married. I still have my Megaton Man comics and my Megaton Man t shirt. Time to introduce the kids and grandkids to a new world of fun and reading comics. Thanks. Is this the place on the web to keep up on your work? Thanks. I love the characters and your work.

    Erwin Havranek
    Omaha, NE

  2. What or where is the best source for your collected work on the Megaton universe? Including the original work completely, and further adventures in this fun and imaginative universe of Mega-adventures.

  3. Print projects are planned but we're not ready to announce just yet. Stay tuned to this blog for updates. Thanks for the kind words!