Sunday, June 7, 2015

The Human Meltdown Lives!

This is the digitally recolored cover I did from Megaton Man #2 (February 1985) for the 2005 ibooks collection of Megaton Man #1-5, the imprint of the late Byron Preiss. Unfortunately the reproduction quality of most of the rest of the book was not what I expected, but I am happy withthe covers and a few other pages I colored or recolored. (Ten and thirty years ago already! Yikes!)

Chuck Roast, The Human Meltdown, and Felicia, seen on the right and left in the blue uniforms, figure prominently in the new storyline I am crafting for the All-New Megaton Man #3. Below is a penciled panel (their daughter plays with Simon, son of Megaton Man, and Chuck is greeted by old teammates Yarn Man and Stella Starlight).

See the entire sequence here.

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