Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Fabulous Doom Defiers Beach House!

Here's a sneak peak at what I'm working on for The Next Megaton Man #4 (although I may call it Doom Defiers #1): the first rendering of the Doom Defiers' beach house in Bayonne, New Jersey. The Doom Defiers Warehouse (formerly the Devengers Mansion) is in the background. The Megatropolis Quartet and Devengers have joined forces, and the new team will have a clear view across the Hudson to the Statue of Liberty and lower Manhattan.

While the Doom Defiers get started on their holiday weekend, let me wish you a great Labor Day weekend in whatever universe you inhabit. I hope it is a safe and happy one, and best wishes for the fall of 2014!

Ink on Clearprint 1000HP Design Vellum, Thursday, August 28, 2014.

Original pencil rough layout, complete Tuesday, August 26, 2014.

My hope is to issue this material (The New MM #1-4; see previous posts on the blog for more previews) in print, either as individual issues or a complete graphic novel package.

Original colored greyline for the cover to Bizarre Heroes #3 (Fiasco Comics Inc., July 1994), featuring Stella Starlight (formerly the See-Thru Girl) in her new incarnation as the Earth Mother. Later, her costume would change from blue to green.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

E is for Earth Mother: The Half-Round Table Transformed!

Never has a furniture alteration had greater implications for the fate of the Fiasco Megaverse! A preview of a work in progress that I am tentatively calling The New Megaton Man #4 (or should that be Doom Defiers #1?), first pencil roughs then inked versions.

See previous posts for more.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Bronx Bombers: The Yankee Street Gang!

No sooner do the Doom Defiers declare themselves a group (see previous posts) than Yarn Man's old nemeses show up! Sneak preview pencils of The New Megaton Man #3 (with inks added as they are completed).

Monday, August 18, 2014

Half-Life of a Half-Brother: The Human Meltdown Returns!

More pencil roughs from the New Megaton Man #3, a work in progress. In this sequence, a new megahero team is formed of the remnants of the Megatropolis Quartet, as old acquaintances arrive to join the Doom Defiers. See previous posts for more.

(Note: The Human Meltdown and Felicia were last seen leaving Megatropolis for Europe in Megaton Man #2,  February 1985. Both were featured on the cover.)

Cover  courtesy of Grand Comics Database

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Saturday Morning at the Ol' Drawing Board: Layouts for the New MM #3

A mega-sneak preview of The Next Megaton Man #3, layouts for which cover the ol' Don Simpson drawing board this weekend. (See previous posts for more work in progress.)

Spoiler Alert: In this sequence, The Human Meltdown and Felicia (last seen in Megaton Man #2, February 1985) return from France with their young daughter just as the remnants of The Megatropolis Quartet and The Devengers are forming a new megahero team in Bayonne, New Jersey! Stay tuned for further developments...

Rough layouts in light blue Col-Erase and graphite pencil on bond layout paper of pages 14 and 15 of the momentous issue.

The tools of the trade adorning the erstwhile Fiasco Taboret. (The red cup on the right is from a Birdseye Thick 'N' Frosty shake from the early 1970s, and has served as my water container for all of my comic books -- Antiquarian Don!)

Friday, August 15, 2014

Return to The Manhattan Project: More Roughs from The New Megaton Man #3

Here is the latest batch of roughs for The New Megaton Man #3 (see also previous posting). In this sequence, Megaton Man (actually his alter-ego, Trent Phloog) decides to drop into his old newspaper, The Manhattan Project, to see what's up. Featured in the sequence are the returns of Pamela Jointly, Kevin The Columnist (from MM #4, 1985), the Sawdust Dummy, Bad Guy, and -- just to show that I do have one or two new ideas -- the first appearance of Connie Carlyle, here an unnamed protester in the crowd, but soon to become a major character in the ongoing storyline. The original roughs are in light blue and graphite pencil on bond layout. The grey versions will be printed out at full size and inked on translucent Clearprint Design Vellum. (Examples of my new inking method abound on this blog and is explained in mind-numbing technical detail on the Ms. Megaton Man blog as well.)

Friday, August 8, 2014

Preview: X-Ray Boy Hooks Up with the Really Dead Angel of Death!

This is a sneak preview of the project I'm calling The New Megaton Man #3 (#1 and #2 having already been serialized as Megaton Man: Atomic Aftermath on this blog). In the storyline, Megaton Man and company have returned to Megatropolis in the aftermath of terrorist attacks, and X-Ray Boy, on leave from high school in the midwest, is drafted to become a member of the depleted Devengers. As #3 opens, The Lens, longtime leader of the Devengers, has retired to Florida. The Angel of Death, killed in the terrorist attacks, is now really dead, while Colonel Turtle still struggles with post-traumatic stress. X-Ray Boy emerges as the group's defacto leader, but leading the Devengers into the twenty-first century also means ending the team as we know it! What will it now become?

(Note: Pages shown are blue and graphite pencil roughs, except the opening splash, roughs for which can be seen here.)