Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Atomic Aftermath I: The Serial Continues...

Flashback: The Hi-Res Weekly Serial!

If you ever wondered what happened to the Megaton Man Weekly Serial, or more precisely, what happened after it stopped appearing online and as a back-up feature in The Savage Dragon more than ten years ago, then wonder no more. I will begin serializing, in dribs and drabs, the material I created at the time and have been sitting ever since. First, here is where we left the gang:

Megaton Man says so long to Paul Nabisco, shamanistic creator of Gower Goose, and the VW Microbus gang (Phantom Jungle Girl, Yarn Man, Paul's estranged daughter, and Cowboy Gorilla), and takes leave with his son Simon and X-Ray Boy.

Without further ado, here is the storyline as it picks up from that point, in its original, raw-scanned, uncolored linework glory:

Phantom Jungle Girl swings away, and Cowboy Gorilla rides off into the sunset.

The van moseys on down the road, leaving behind the burning comic book convention venue.

Nikki Robertson defends the precious stock of comic book collector supplies from a mob of convention (including her former friends).

Armed with X-Ray Boy's actual x-ray specs, Nikki lashes out, as Agent Jerry, who has been trying to recover the specs, catches up.

At last, the coveted specs are recovered, but at what cost? (Lord of the Rings, anyone?)

No! Don't do that, Agent Jerry!

Wouldn't you know it? Dracula's Daughter and Igor have to show up just then!
Next: The Wandering VW Van Resurfaces!


  1. You already know I'm a Megaton Man fan, Don, so this stuff is cool for me. Hope to see more.

  2. Thanks as always, Bill for the kind words (belatedly)...