Friday, August 15, 2014

Return to The Manhattan Project: More Roughs from The New Megaton Man #3

Here is the latest batch of roughs for The New Megaton Man #3 (see also previous posting). In this sequence, Megaton Man (actually his alter-ego, Trent Phloog) decides to drop into his old newspaper, The Manhattan Project, to see what's up. Featured in the sequence are the returns of Pamela Jointly, Kevin The Columnist (from MM #4, 1985), the Sawdust Dummy, Bad Guy, and -- just to show that I do have one or two new ideas -- the first appearance of Connie Carlyle, here an unnamed protester in the crowd, but soon to become a major character in the ongoing storyline. The original roughs are in light blue and graphite pencil on bond layout. The grey versions will be printed out at full size and inked on translucent Clearprint Design Vellum. (Examples of my new inking method abound on this blog and is explained in mind-numbing technical detail on the Ms. Megaton Man blog as well.)

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