Friday, August 8, 2014

Preview: X-Ray Boy Hooks Up with the Really Dead Angel of Death!

This is a sneak preview of the project I'm calling The New Megaton Man #3 (#1 and #2 having already been serialized as Megaton Man: Atomic Aftermath on this blog). In the storyline, Megaton Man and company have returned to Megatropolis in the aftermath of terrorist attacks, and X-Ray Boy, on leave from high school in the midwest, is drafted to become a member of the depleted Devengers. As #3 opens, The Lens, longtime leader of the Devengers, has retired to Florida. The Angel of Death, killed in the terrorist attacks, is now really dead, while Colonel Turtle still struggles with post-traumatic stress. X-Ray Boy emerges as the group's defacto leader, but leading the Devengers into the twenty-first century also means ending the team as we know it! What will it now become?

(Note: Pages shown are blue and graphite pencil roughs, except the opening splash, roughs for which can be seen here.)

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