Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Megaton Man Meets Connie Carlyle

Here is the panel that precedes one already posted, in which Trent Phloog returns to his New York apartment only to find a tenant who is subletting. See previous posts for more the identity of this mystery roomie!

Left to right: Light blue Col-Erase and graphite pencil on layout bond, with lettering on canary yellow tracing paper, traced from a blown-up sketch (see below); ink on Clearprint 1000HP Design Vellum, April 29, 2014
Below is the original 2003 sketchbook page from which the original thumbnail derives:

2003 sketchbook sheet working out a couple of related scenes (Megaton Man discovering the Megatropolis Quartet headquarters is closing, and finding Connie at his old apartment). Note the loose fitting yoga pants Connie is wearing, replaced by the ubiquitous tights girls wear these days. Note also that I'm changing her name from Colleen to Connie!

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