Sunday, April 20, 2014

First Look: New Sidekick for Megaton Man?

This is a preliminary character study for a new character in a Megaton Man storyline I am working on.

(The original sketchbook page, from August 2010, and the development of the character is discussed in a subsequent post on this blog.)

Update: Here is a second inking attempt side-by-side with the first. The differences are subtle between the second and fourth figure (both inks), the first being a bit over-renderended, the second more simplified. The size I'm working here has a lot to do with it; if I had blown up the sketch a bit smaller it would probably make inking it a bit more comfortable. As it is, it's a bit too large and the tendency is to put in more lines. The nice way about working with ink on vellum is that the original source sketch or pencil remains unaltered, and I can try different experiments if I'm not thrilled with the first result. (The downside is the potential to overthink the piece and never be satisfied!)

Left to right: the original thumbnail sketch from 2010, approx. 5 inches, scanned and blown up to approx. 18", with additional detail added with a Uni-Ball Grip 0.7 black pen; ink with a crowquill on Clearprint 1000HP Design Vellum; a more refined graphite pencil on same; and a second ink, simplified.


  1. I'm plotting/scripting her introduction in what appears at the moment to be The New Megaton Man #3, and she gets a little bigger role in #4. Two issues completed but no publishing plans/deal as of yet. Stay tuned...