Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Moving Day at MQ HQ

Pencils on layout bond, inks on Clearprint vellum, April 19 and 21, 2014, respectively. A sequence I'm working on with Megaton Man (actually Trent Phloog after a particularly frustrating day at the office) and Yarn Man. After terror attacks have brought our megaheroes back to Megatropolis, the Quartet decides to abandon the old Manhattan skyscraper headquarters. The incandescent lighting gives it an antique look that befits retreading some familiar terrain!

I'm intentionally revisiting tropes from the very early issues of the Kitchen Sink Megaton Man, including MM's secret identity and his and tense relationship with the remaining Megatropolis Quartet, but adding twists that will CHANGE THE MEGAVERSE FOREVER ... and also simply because I have no new ideas! (But since when has anyone read an American comic book for anything less than the reworking of an old, familiar idea?!) More to come... (See earlier posts for some of the events leading up to this moment.)

Oops! I forgot to ink the "Q" above the elevator door...!

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