Saturday, April 26, 2014

Roomie Do-Over and Rex Rigid

Here are a couple more pieces from today: A refined pencil and simpler ink rendering of Connie Carlyle (see a previous post; the first try was too liney), and the same for Professor Rex.

Ink and pencil, both on Clearprint vellum. See a prior post for the rough sketch.

Professor Rex Rigid in his lab coat, in pencil on clear tracing paper, and ink on Clearprint vellum. I'm particularly proud of the stethoscope and rubber gloves in his labcoat pockets. One never knows when one will need a full figure of Rex Rigid for a fan club or something (one in this case being me).

The original pencil page in my current sketchbook, 11" x 14". Rex looked a little cramped in there, so I redrew him separately and will place him back in digitally. The rest of the sheet I intend to ink pretty much as is.

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