Monday, June 23, 2014

Present at a Past Origin: The Golden Age Megaton and Rex Rigid!

This vintage sketch of the Golden Age Megaton Man and Rex Rigid corresponds to a scene from The Return of Megaton Man #3 (Kitchen Sink, 1987). It was created for Mark Martin, who still owns it, and was scanned and a jpeg forwarded to me by Mark's personal curator and sales agent, Michael Beaver just today (June 23, 2014). The miracle of digital technology! Of course, since it was a convention sketch that I drew and never saw again, and prior to the age of convenient digital photography to maintain any record of it, I have absolutely no memory of having drawn it! (Could it be a forgery by aliens? I wouldn't be surprised! Frankly, it looks too good to be mine!)

Collection of Mark Martin.

In the scene, Rex Rigid (Liquid Man) revs up a tired, over-the-hill Farley Phloog (Trent's uncle), restoring him to his formerly robust glory as the Golden Age Megaton Man, and full of vim and vigor.

Cover, showing the Golden Age Megaton Man has Golden Panties, a little fact that I forgot when I created the drawing for Mark.

It's a pretty sweet piece, if I do say so myself, and there is a long and embarrassing story connected to why I probably lavished such effort on a convention sketch for a fellow artist, but I will save that for another time, since neither Mark nor I apparently can recall the exact circumstances surrounding its creation. Suffice it to say that it is sable brush and India ink on Bristol, colored with Dr. Martin's dyes, and was probably drawn at a major convention such as Dallas, San Diego, or Chicago.

Many more examples of Don Simpson art, from both the twentieth and twenty first centuries, can be viewed in my galleries at Comics Art Fans!

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