Monday, September 15, 2014

Unfinished Bidniz: What Ever Happened To WOTI #4?

Update: Below is art from 2011 and 2012. See the Don Simpson Freelance blog for several postings on the new art I am doing for this issue in the summer and fall of 2014!

War of the Independents is an ambitious six-issue crossover project involving nearly every independent comic book creation you can think of. Three issues have come out thus far. I was invited to do a cameo appearance of Megaton Man for the fourth (all-humor) issue a couple of years ago, followed by a back cover (below). Now, guru Dave Ryan is planning to run off to the Bahamas (or somewhere) and get married, so it looks like I may end up drawing the rest of the issue! I've been provided with a plot and script for the first five pages (and if the rest doesn't show up soon, I may just have Megaton Man and The Tick beat the crap outta each other for 15 pages)! Publication details will be announced later, after artwork for the book has been completed -- an innovative practice completely unheard of hitherto in the comic book industry! Stay tuned...

Milk and Cheese, Zippy the Pinhead, Flaming Carrot, Cerebus the Aardvark, Bone, Too Much Coffee Man, Yarn Man and Megaton Man frolic in War of the Independents #4. Characters are ™ and  © their respective creators.

Felix the Cat and Mr. Spook join the fray. Characters are ™ and  © their respective creators.
Note: If you open the graphics in a new tab (rather than click on them), you can zoom in and see some nice high resolution!

(New sketches and rough layouts here.)


  1. If you did art of the entire crossover, I'd be overjoyed.

  2. I did the art for the entire issue, except for a page or two Dave Ryan added at the last minute to tie the narrative in better with the rest of the series. Overall it looks great and should be going to press soon.