Sunday, May 17, 2015

Vs. Everybody and Everything! A Stray, Orphaned Pin-Up

Here is a piece of art I generated in relation to War of the Independents #4 (which will include Megaton Man and Yarn Man cameos, and features Ben Edlund's The Tick, Jeff Smith's Bone, and others in the main narrative), but deemed it too Image-centric to submit it to Dave Ryan for consideration as an ersatz pin-up for the issue. Possibility for a separate project?! MM has teamed with Valentino's Captain Everything and Erik Larsen's Savage Dragon before, but no discussions are underway. Still, thought it would be fun to throw some color on it and post to see if I could start any viral rumors!!

The flat-colored linework.

The linework, inked on vellum.
The original sketchbook doodle I blew up and transformed into linework.

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