Friday, March 9, 2018

Megaton Man #1000: The Grand Extravaganza that Never Happened!

Megaton Man #1 (Kitchen Sink Press, December 1984) begins with the Megatropolis Quartet trying to climb into the cover of Megaton Man #999, a completely fictitious issue from another dimension. The rough draft below imagines the following issue, Megaton Man #1000, featuring the long-awaited wedding of Megaton Man and Pamela Jointly.

Rough fine-liner pen over blown-up print out of the original pencil sketch, 11" x 17".

In the scene, Simon Phloog, son of Megaton Man and the See-Thru Girl, and Simon's neighborhood friend Deirdre crash the wedding, courtesy of a trip on the Time Turntable! With Preston Percy, Stella Starlight, Yarn Man, and the Human Meltdown, with city editor Rudy Mayo presiding.

Original sketchbook rough, blue and graphite pencil, 6" x 9".

Megaton Man #999, from the opening splash page of Megaton Man #1 (Kitchen Sink Press, 1984).

Bonus: See the Time Turntable in Megaton Man #1!


  1. Just had to drop a line and tell you what that I'm a huge fan of Megaton Man! I had all 10 of the original issues and was overjoyed when my favorite comic at the time, Savage Dragon did a crossover with the man of molecules. Since then, I was in and out of collecting comics. Recently, after going through my old collection, I stumbled on the books and began hunting down all MM and Bizarre Heroes books you've done since. I love your stuff man!

  2. Replies
    1. No problem. I am really looking forward to your new graphic novel!

  3. Hello sir! Well I am back... after reading Return of MM, all of your MM one-shots, the following Bizarre Heroes 17 issues, the Image Hardcopy 1 & 2 and Bombshell. So I came back to the blog to check out the new material. In all, I have seen everything except what I assume you would call Archives 2 (You mention coming soon at the end of your archives 1). Archive 1 ends with a beefed up Irv the Cactus attacking our heroes in the minivan. Then you pick up with Megs flying off with his son. Is the material in between these 2 events available online anywhere? I suppose I will dig out my old copies of Savage Dragon as I suspect it is there. I am so amazed by all of the unpublished work you share on this blog... a true gold mine!