Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Hembeck's Man of Molecules and the Boys of 'Summer'!

Fred G. Hembeck has been a presence in the comic book industry since the 1970s, when his distinctive interpretations of every single character ever created began appearing in fan publications and trade journals like the Comics Buyer's Guide and Amazing Heroes - he also destroyed the Marvel Universe, as I recall!

I'm leaving out a lot, but more recently, Fred flattered me with a rendition of my very own Megaton Man online, and since employed the Man of Molecules in his own inimitable fashion for the cover of the Comic Shop News Summer Special 2018 (in which Megs appears as one of the letter "M"s!).

Last week Fred sent me a personalized Megaton Man trading card, which makes me now a prized Fred Hembeck collector! Herewith the images of those works:

This was the original card Fred sent me - I pointed out in my own graceless way that the yellow shape on Megaton Man's torso is actually supposed to be a letter "M" (a fact that apparently escapes a lot of people!), which prompted Fred to respond ...

... by using Megaton Man in an illustration he was at that very moment creating for the Comic Shop News Summer Special 2018! (Can you name 'em all?)

Finally, Fred was kind enough to do a redo trading card and send it to me! Voila!

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