Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Meanwhile in Megatropolis: The Splash Page!

I've finished inking the remaining page to complete two full issues of The New Megaton Man. This splash is actually not much more than a rehash of the last panel of The Megaton Man Weekly Serial, but it serves as a nice title page and intro of the cast of characters before they embark on a new storyline that involves the 9/11 terrorist attacks and Megaton Man's move back to Megatropolis. These two issues are being serialized on this blog as Atomic Aftermath.

Here is the blue and graphite pencil original drawing, on Bristol board, the old fashioned way compared to the method I employ now (see other recent posts on this blog).
Here is the ink final, again, right on the Bristol board (again a change from my current method. This splash is basically a recap of the last Megaton Man Weekly Serial panel that sets the stage for a new storyline that will see the cast move back to New York.

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