Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Over Ground Zero: Too Soon No More!

Since there is a new building there now, perhaps its not "too soon" (as it was a decade ago, according to a few discouraging voices) for me to finish up my 9/11 storyline, including this tier I inked today of Megaton Man flying over Ground Zero, before it was even a construction site. This makes a total of some 50 contiguous pages of unpublished (in print form) Megaton Man material, which I have been serializing on this blog, with another dozen pages ready to be inked (roughly two print issues). Will this be collected, printed, published at all? TBD.

Further plotlines I have in mind will see a quickening pace that will bring the character current to today. Needless to say, events therein will change the Megaverse forever! Stay tuned...

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