Monday, May 19, 2014

New MM #2-3 Splash Pages in Progress

Here is the last page of what I'm calling The New Megaton Man #2 and first page of #3 (currently being serialized as Atomic Aftermath on this blog). I'm using my new method of Clearprint Design Vellum, Elmer's Repositional Picture and Poster Stick, and rough pencil layouts. Both pages were drawn from scratch this morning (Monday, May 19, 2014). The glue-and-vellum combo allows me to ink with less worry about holding the material down as I ink (although you can still see some flubs I will have to correct with Pro White). On the right, you can actually see the pencil layout underneath the vellum fairly clearly.

Spoiler Alert: Big changes that will alter the Megaverse forever! Left: Stella Starlight looks on as Liquid Man floats off from the Megatropolis Quartet headquarters; Right: The Really Dead Angel of Death, Colonel Turtle, and X-Ray Boy video conference with The Lens to determine the destiny of The Devengers. (Hint: The future of both megahero teams are inextricably linked!)

(For more on inking of The Devengers splash, see this subsequent post.)

A closer look at the pencil rough (left) and the inked vellum (right), side by side, of the last page of The New Megaton Man #2. Who the heck are The Doom Defiers?! Stay tuned!

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